DALMIA SEVEN is the joint venture between Dalmia Refractories and Seven Refractories.


Seven Refractories of Europe, a young European manufacturer, is an international technology leader in refractories and offers an extensive portfolio of advanced monolithic refractory materials world-wide. Their specialization in refractories is based on a solid foundation of an international management team with decades of experience in the industry.

Dalmia Refractories Ltd. And Seven Refractory EU have formed a joint venture company Dalmia Seven Refractories Ltd. headquarters in Delhi. The Dalmia Katni plant has been acquired by DSRL and is modernised with well-equipped fully automated production line to ensure customers in India get faster access to Seven’s advanced monolithic refractory portfolio, now made In India.

Dalmia Seven monolithic provide the first response to the most typical customer applications for a wide range of industries. For the iron industry, it provides products for blast and reheating furnaces, ladles and tundish. In the steel segment, DS has some of the most cutting edge solutions to facilitate the technological quantum leap from traditional brick solutions to modern monolithic for steel ladles. For the cement industry, there are products for burner lances, preheaters, calciners, riser ducts, smoke chambers, and kilns. In addition, DS provides customised refractory solutions in aluminium plants, power generators, and reheat furnaces and other application areas.

Dalmia Seven analyses your specific requirements and serves them in an optimal, innovative and unprecedented way. No matter where you are, DS deeply understands your process and your wishes to offer you the best suitable monolithic refractory solution.